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The principal herbarium is that of A. de Wever (1874-1947) of Nuth. In 1912, de Wever was one of the founding members of the Natuurhistorisch Genootschap in Limburg. Between 1890 and 1943 he collected plants from the whole of southern Limburg, a collection which, by its being well-documented, ranks amongst the most important regional herbariums in The Netherlands. On the basis of this herbarium detailed studies into the flora and vegetation at the start of this century could be carried out. The de Wever Herbarium consists of c. 20,000 paper covers with a total of some 60,000 specimens. Of the smaller herbariums those of J.L. Rieter and L. Grégoire are of importance. Part of the collection are also a few pharmacist herbariums, the principal one of which is the mosses herbarium of 1770 of the Maastricht chemist J.L. Franquinet.

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Frans J.A. Slieker
Honorary Curator
Natural History Museum Rotterdam NL


Paul Beuk
Natural History Museum Maastricht De Bosquetplein 6-7 NL-6211KJ Maastricht NL


Paul Beuk
Natural History Museum Maastricht De Bosquetplein 6-7 NL-6211KJ Maastricht NL


Frans Slieker
Natural History Museum Rotterdam NL



界定座標範圍 緯度南界 經度西界 [-90, -180], 緯度北界 經度東界 [90, 180]


彙整期間 From 1770 till recent.


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