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In 2014 the team accepted the invitation of the EBCC to deliver data for the 2nd European Breeding Bird Atlas (EBBA2). This project is organized by the European Bird Census Council and coordinated by a consortium of EBCC partners. We created a European subsite to specifically record breeding bird observations in the fixed grid of 50x50 km and stimulated our users to enter data for this exciting project. This resulted in many records that are presently, together with other data sources, analysed by the EBBA2 team and will result in an atlas publication in 2020. View the results of the data collected by on


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Geographic Coverage

Europe including part of Russia excluding the Netherlands and Belgium. See for details

Bounding Coordinates South West [36.2, -24.41], North East [81.69, 79.26]

Taxonomic Coverage

A list with 784 bird species provided by the EBBA team

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2014-01-01 / 2017-12-31

Sampling Methods


Study Extent Observers can submit single observations or complete checklists. Observations with the following codes are used for the project: *Pair observed in suitable nesting habitat in breeding season *Nests with young seen or heard *Nests containing eggs *Adult carrying a faecal sac or food for young *Recently fledged young (nidicolous species) or downy young (nidifugous species) *Used nest or eggshells found (occupied or laid within period of survey) *Distraction-display or injury-feigning *Nest-building or excavating of nest-hole *Brood patch on adult examined in the hand *Permanent territory presumed through registration of territorial behaviour (song, etc.) on at least two different days a week or more apart at same place *Singing male(s) present (or breeding calls heard) in breeding season *Agitated behaviour or anxiety calls from adults *Visiting probable nest-site *Courtship and display *Non breeding (species observed but suspected to be still on migration or to be summering non-breeder) *Adults entering or leaving nest-site in circumstances indicating occupied nest (including high nests or nest holes, the contents of which cannot be seen) or adult seen incubating *Species observed in breeding season in possible nesting habit
Quality Control Observations are validated by admins and local parties. The last group recieves a data dump to check.

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