National Register of Monumental Trees

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17 November 2021
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The National Register of Monumental Trees (Landelijk Register Monumentale Bomen) includes trees in The Netherlands that are of national importance according to the ‘Bomenstichting’ (Tree Foundation). In many cases, these trees combine an advanced age with a special beauty or rarity, or can be seen as iconic specimens in their environment. The register currently contains about 15,000 objects: solitary trees, avenues and groups of trees.

Through an intensive inventory, the 'Bomenstichting' has a good overview of the special trees in The Netherlands. The foundation stimulates public authorities and administrators to take adequate protective measures to protect these monuments. Ensuring that monumental trees are preserved and remain in good condition is the aim of the foundation.

The conditions for a tree to be included in the National Register of Monumental Trees can be found on the website of the foundation.

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Geographic Coverage

The Netherlands.

Bounding Coordinates South West [50.75, 3.31], North East [53.58, 7.23]

Taxonomic Coverage

Various tree species

Class Magnoliopsida, Pinopsida, Gingkoopsida
Family Fagaceae, Malvaceae (Mallows)

Temporal Coverage

Living Time Period 1400-present

Additional Metadata